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Monday, September 23, 2013

BMW R1200

If two cylinders of fans are concerned, first class tour is short of memorable - and is already 30 years: RT. For long distance travelers can hardly another term that has always distinguished by a perfect bike designed from start to finish: excellent weather protection, optimal ergonomics, ease of use combined with first class chassis equipped with the only option ASC and ESA II extras *.
In the travel segment, these features probably determine the ultimate measure of innovation. Although the R 1200 RT stores a unique figure everywhere with their new dynamic design, everything you send the message: built thousands of miles to cover, preferably in one go.
2012 BMW R1200RT
2012 BMW R1200RT
Then there is the fascinating mix of striking dynamics engine and the big bike. The hallmark of the "boxer" supremacy has improved in the current version: jewel in the crown of the radial engine is now the valve DOHC ** operating system of the HP2 Sport, although in this case provided for increased torque and no loss of smoothness of the operation: a maximum torque of 88 foot-pounds at 6000 rpm, the output to 110 hp. This represents a substantial increase in the scope of the lower speed range above the midrange. The new valve in the exhaust system provides a beeping sound, but more dynamic.
And in terms of comfort, the bike has a new audio system is available as an option with the innovative concept of using multi-controller on the behavior of almost all commands in a single unit.
So there's only one thing you must do yourself - drop by for a test drive.
* Setting the ESA II Electronic Suspension =. Mounting electronic adjustment spring and the spring constant
**DOHC = double overhead camshaft, two overhead camshafts per cylinder
Climb aboard
2012 BMW R1200RT
2012 BMW R1200RT
There is a world out there waiting to be discovered. With an output of 110 hp and 120Nm of torque, the BMW R1200RT is a motorcycle built for beautiful touring moments. The chassis is equipped with the BMW Motorrad Telelever and Paralever for ease of use, while the EVO brakes with partially integral version of BMW Motorrad Integral ABS ensure maximum safety. The combination of optimized aerodynamic fairing and electrically adjustable windscreen provides excellent protection against the elements - enjoy the freedom of the road with ease.
The new BMW R 1200 RT has everything you want in a long journey: comfort, convenience and speed. It's about the winding roads north of the border with incredible agility, while the newly designed cockpit provides excellent protection for the driver and passenger from wind turbulence, rain and air.
The new powerful boxer generous amount of torque to the correct answers directly through the rev range. The new DOHC (double overhead camshaft) operating the valve of the HP2 Sport delivers a maximum torque of 120 Nm at 6000 rpm and 110 hp.
And in terms of comfort, the bike has a new audio system with radio and MP3 player function, available as an option with the innovative concept of using multi-controller on the behavior of almost all the commands of a wheel roll cuff links.
2012 BMW R1200RT
2012 BMW R1200RT
The hills, plains and wanderings, the R 1200 RT increases the pleasure with every bend in the road. With a wider range of higher power and torque, you feel the difference in throttle response and acceleration.
The newly designed cockpit provides excellent protection for the driver and passenger. With the latest generation of BMW's ABS, ASC (traction control) and ESA II (Electronic Suspension Adjustment), the R 1200 RT provides a secure, comfortable, endlessly.

2012 BMW R1200RT Model Features and Benefits:
Standard equipment Factory
Engine / transmission
Air / oil-cooled flat twin four-stroke engine with the heads of the 4-cylinder DOHC
The magnesium valve cover
Digital engine management with dual ignition
Closed loop 3-way catalytic converter with oxygen sensor
Stainless steel exhaust
2012 BMW R1200RT
2012 BMW R1200RT
Running Gear
BMW Motorrad Integral ABS (partially)
BMW Motorrad Paralever and Telelever
Dual front disc brake (EVO, diameter 320 mm.)
Single disc rear brake
Hydraulic preload adjuster of rear springs
He spoke alloy wheels
Prop stand with starter inhibit
Steel braided brake hoses
Steel braided clutch hoses
Rear shock absorber with damping dependent on travel
Continuous beam
Revolution against
Low beam headlamp height adjustment
Information flatscreen (digital clock, gear indicator, fuel gauge, coolant temperature and the total range indicator 2 trip odometers and maintenance indicator)
Instrument panel with speedometer and tachometer
Songs from the headlights of the surface shape
An important system for the power seat, power steering, fuel cap and double hull and ditches
Adjustable brake and clutch lever
Center support (not to lower seat height)
Integral luggage cases (for color)
The ignition switch and lock the steering integral
Storage compartment (lockable)
Cockpit windshield with electric position adjustment
Two double seat

2012 BMW R1200RT - Specifications and technical details of America
U.S. Retail Price: $ $ 17,350
2012 BMW R1200RT
2012 BMW R1200RT
Type Air / oil cooled boxer ('Boxer') 4-stroke engine, two camshafts and four valves radially aligned along the axis of the cylinder, central balancer
Bore x stroke 101 mm x 73 mm
Capacity of 1170 cc
Rated power of 110 hp (81 kW) at 7,750 rpm
Max. pair of 89 foot-pounds (120 Nm) at 6,000 rpm
Compression ratio 12.0: 1
Mixture control / engine management line consumer electronics injection / digital engine management BMS-K + with overrun fuel cut, Twin Spark ignition
Emission control level loop 3-way catalytic converter, emission standard EU-3
Performance / consumption
More top speed of 125 mph (200 km / h)
Fuel consumption per 100 km at a constant speed of 90 kmh 57 miles per gallon, at a constant 55 mph
Fuel consumption per 100 km at a constant speed of 120 kmh
Fuel unleaded premium and the premium.
The electrical installation
Three-phase alternator 720 W
Battery 12 V / 19 Ah, maintenance-free
The power transmission
Single dry plate clutch, hydraulically operated
Gearbox 6-speed constant mesh gearbox with helical gearing
Drive Shaft
Chassis and Brake
Two-part framework, consisting of front and rear bearing engine-gearbox unit
Place the front wheel / suspension BMW Motorrad Telelever, tube diameter 35 mm, central strut
Place the rear wheel / suspension Cast aluminum single-sided swingarm with BMW Motorrad Paralever, WAD strut (travel related damping), spring preload hydraulically adjustable (continuously variable) at handwheel, rebound damping adjustable
Travel front / rear 4.7/5.3 inches (120 mm mm/135)
Wheelbase 58.4 inches (1485 mm)
Castor 4.5 inch (116 mm)
Steering angle 63.8 °
Alloy wheels
Ass, as compared to 3.50 x 17 "
The rear edge of 5.50 x 17 "
Front tire 120/70 ZR 17
Tyres, rear 180/55 ZR 17
Brakes, front disc brakes dual 320 mm floating discs, four piston fixed calipers
Brakes, Single disc rear brake, diameter 265 mm, double piston floating caliper
ABS BMW Motorrad Integral ABS (partially integral)
Weights and measures
2012 BMW R1200RT
2012 BMW R1200RT
Length of 87.8 inches (2.230 mm)
Width (including mirrors) 35.6 inches (905 mm) inc. Cases: 38.5 inches (980 mm)
Height (without mirrors) 56.3 inches (1430 mm)
Seat height, unladen weight 32.2/33.1 inches (820/840 mm) low seat: 30.7/31.5 cm
(780/800 mm), a very low chair (a piece): 30.1 cm
(765 mm), a reduced rate of suspension: 29.5 inches (750 mm),
comfortable seat: 30.9 inches (785 mm)
Curve of the inside of the leg, non-weight bearing
Unladen weight, road ready with a full tank) 570 lbs (259 kg)
Dry weight 2) 514 lbs (233)
Total permissible weight 1,091 pounds (495 kg)
Payload (with standard equipment) 520 lbs (236 kg)
Tank capacity 6.6 gallon useful (25.0 l)
About the Reserve. 1 gallon (4.0 liters)
The technical data relate to the unladen weight (DIN)
1) According to the directive 93/93/EWG with all fluids, fueled with at least 90% of usable tank capacity (without luggage)
2) Unladen weight without fluids (without luggage)

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Hero Honda Karizma bikes popular in India2012-2013

Hero Honda Karizma is the most popular and one of the biggest brand motorcycle industy in India. When it’s time to driving style, Hero Honda Karizma is the ruling Indian two-wheeler market. This is a flagship car from Hero Honda. Started in 2003, and now, it has become India’s riders dream. Hero Honda Karizma has been sporting the look that makes it attract young people. Its exciting appearance, amazing pick up, hard hit by the movement of the body and look to steal all of the above has hit the heart, because even before 2003, all on the road to the heart of India’s young cyclists.
Hero Honda Karizma
has been oil-cooled fuel injection engine, and programming. In Hero Honda Karizma user has already been mentioned as a simle handling bike. Maximum power with the 223 CC SOHC air-cooled engines produced in the 7000RPM 17PS give it an extra ordinary performance in 3.8 seconds 60kmph speed. It has been a five-speed gearbox which makes it a top speed of 130 km per hour. This bike has 2.4 L/100 km fuel economy. Formed from the dashboard design and real-time digital clock. It’s engine is entirely made of aluminum.
Bike is very precise, so that passengers feel special, and you are on a ride. The bike is for beginners and skilled professionals is also good unique features. This aerodynamic motorcycles have front air bags, allowing you to zoom in, and you go on the way. As you can see the style and construction of bike is completely international, giving a worthy calling. Karizma has been tested and verified by experts and professional quality. In the handling and comfort the standard definition of Hero Honda Karizma out their opponents, because the custom seating, comfortable driver. In India roades conditions, never mind the hero in the development of Honda Karizma bike. This is a test diffenent locations and different conditions, so that users do not have to face any kind of difficulties with this bike. Confirm that these bikes offer a convenient, Hero Honda Karizma bike is a comfortable passenger seat. You can not go wrong if you are considering buying Hero Honda Karizma bike. While Hero Honda Karizma different prices in different areas in India, it is around Rs. 74600.
Hero Honda Karizma
, India’s most popular high-end motorcycle brands, which is the country’s largest producer selling one of the two-wheelers, Hero Honda. The company has launched Hero Honda Karizma R 2003 年 May. The Karizma R is continuous access to the enthusiastic response from the Indian buyers. But Karizma ř start and no more effective. Received from the great success of the Indian car market, the company introduced the Karizma improved version, called Karizma ZMR connection. New Hero Honda Karizma ZMR looks larger than the existing version of the Karizma. The most popular high-end motorcycle brands specilally to Indianmarket designed the country’s major car manufacturer Honda. Hero Honda Karizma ZMR PGM FI inspired by the shape of Karizma Honda VFR800.
Looking for a new version of the Karizma Karizma R. little different than the other, the new model is packed with fuel injection, oil cooling, all-digital console, new graphics, and this makes it more stylish and comfortable. It comes with four-stroke OHC single-cylinder, oil cooled, PGM connectivity machine is 7000 rpm, which is more than Karizma R. output power of 17.6 bhp Hero Honda Karizma r awesome as Karizma ZMR PGM Fi torque produced at 6,000 rpm and the 223cc displacement of 18.35 Nm of maximum output. Since the launch of a new generation of Karizma with options only. Hero Honda Karizma has established its presence in the country’s strong position in the field of high-quality bicycles. At present, the Karizma ZMR PGM connectivity needs of the automotive market is increasing rapidly. It is also more and more with Bajaj Avanger 220, Yamaha YZF R15, Kawasaki Ninja 250R and other competition

Modelling Safety On A Harley Davidson Trike

Riding a motorcycle is a great way to spend some time. But it can also be one of the most dangerous ways to spend your time. Keeping the potential hazards of riding a motorcycle in mind at all times can help you avoid accidents and stay alive, and safety on a Harley Davidson trike is no different.
There are some inherent safety advantages to riding a motorcycle trike. The third wheel makes them more stable and thus less likely to unbalance, slide, and get into accidents, than two wheelers. They are good for older riders and those who lack the strength to hold up the bike when stopped at stop signs and lights, as well.
Most trikes these days come as three-wheeled creatures that were created to be three-wheeled creatures. But a few of the older kits for turning a motorcycle into a trike are still available, and some people who just can’t see parting with their beloved bike are interested in using them. If you choose to make use of a kit, get a licensed and experienced person to install it for you, because an improperly installed assembly can be very dangerous.
In order to have the safest ride possible, you need to give yourself some time and low-speed practice in how riding a trike is different from a bike. Trikes do not need you to straddle them at stops, but you will need to remember to make sure they are in park before leaving them parked, or they could run away. Steering a trike is different, too, and you’ll need to put in some practice to make sure that you can steer safely, without swerving, before you take on any difficult roads.
The inherent safety of the type of motorcycle trike is worth considering. Newer trikes come with better safety features than older ones, so if you’re buying a used trike, be sure to consider this. Certain models, just like in cars and two-wheelers, are better rated as safety picks. Doing a little research can make sure you’re getting the safest ride possible.
Maintenance is a major safety factor in any automobile or bike. Keeping the tire pressure up, the engine serviced and the belts up to date will help to prevent accidents caused by suddenly breaking parts. Check that your mirrors are in the right positions before riding, and try not to miss a service appointment date.
If you are currently using an old helmet, throw it out and buy a new one. The newer materials in newer helmets are better at protecting your head, and it’s worth it to have the best possible gear between your head and whatever it might bang into.
The best clothing for riding a motorcycle trike is something that can protect you from road rash. Leather is popular. Road rash might seem like a trivial concern, but it can be serious, depending on how much of your body it covers. Remember that safety on a Harley Davidson trike is not optional, and you won’t regret it.
Be sure to wear your favorite Harley Davidson clothing every time you go anywhere on your Harley trike, whether you are on an organized Harley Davidson rally or just heading to the local supermarket. Remember that safety is your duty.